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What interested me in the tesla model 3 in the first place was the self driving capabilities; and I knew the software was an extra cost option. That option on the model S added about 10%; so I expected to pay about $4000 extra for it on the model 3. Other than that, the features which come standard on all other $35,000 cars (power windows, mirrors, seats etc.) would suffice. Accordingly, I expected to pay around $39,000 (maybe a little more, but less than the average Musk expected of $42,000). But if you had told me that it would cost me $49,000 for that car, I would have laughed in your face--that would've suggested that Tesla had been conning us all along--and Elon musk had a much better reputation than that.

There has been only one substantial cost change while the model 3 has been under development--the cost of copper (hence the cost of electric motors e.g. power seats) has fallen about 50%. That is one reason why every other "$35,000" car includes electric seats mirrors etc. as standard. This has been clearly a bait and switch.

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