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Title: Tesla's Model Y Teased And Artist Renders Full Mini-SUV
Post by: Babyfacemagee on August 10, 2017, 02:21:08 PM

Many of you might know that the next model that Tesla plans to introduce is the 'Y'.  Based on the same platform as the 3, the Y is set to be a min-SUV, kind of an electric sport-ute or a baby brother to the Model x.  The Model Y is not due to go on sale until 2019 and no pictures of the car exist except for a tease image shown by Elon Musk.  However, a talented graphic designer named Jan Peisert took the teaser image and using his imagination and the Model 3 for design cues whipped up the above video which shows us what the Model Y just might look like.  Great job Jan...we're excited for this next Tesla model and hope it looks as good as your rendering.